Private jet charter

No more stopovers, traffic jams, queues in the airport or other troubles concerning your dream vacation

Estimated cost

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Воронеж and return
11 600 €
16 100 €
14 500 €
Сочи and return
35 000 €
Ницца and return
39 000 €
Барселона and return
40 000 €
Давос and return
60 000 €
Сардиния and return
60 000 €
Ереван and return
49 000 €
Ереван and return
49 000 €
Ницца and return
57 000 €
Лондон and return
67 000 €


Our philosophy is simple, we care about every trip and understand its importance for passengers, and that's why we focus on every detail of your flight, however small it may seem.

Make complex tasks SIMPLE

We believe that any process can be simplified. One SMS, e-mail or call is all you need to start the booking process. Tell us when, where and with how many people you want to fly, and we will provide options that will suit best.


We find a private jet, considering your needs and budget. Having access to all types of aircraft in the market due to established relations with both airlines and aircraft owners, we get the best option for you. We carefully select each partner to ensure the highest level of security and quality service.

WORK fairly

We do not charge an annual fee for participation, you can fly with us as often as you wish. Our prices are simple and transparent, and the commission for the flight is indicated in the commercial offer. You just pay for what you use, and only when you fly.

Provide for safety

We work only with operators that have a full operational safety certificate and operate in accordance with the highest standards regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (NAA) of the home country of the aircraft.

Разумная бизнес авиация

  • высочайший уровень комфорта и безопасности;
  • самолеты не старше 10 лет;
  • прозрачная схема работы;
  • отсутствие очередей;
  • отсутствие ограничений по количеству багажа;
  • персонализированный сервис на борту;
  • гибкое расписание;
  • новые бизнес возможности;
  • единый статус пассажиров в самолете;
  • кейтеринговая служба;
  • интернет и офисная техника на борту;
  • отдельный кабинет и конференц-зал;
  • строгое соблюдение конфиденциальности;
  • комфортная цена;
  • трансфер в аэропорт и до места назначения.
First class is no longer a cabin, but a lifestyle

Nebo2family is your chance to fly at a high level at the intersection of private aviation and commercial airlines flights. Friends of the family enjoy comfort, fidelity and other obvious advantages of business jets at first-class prices of companies such as Aeroflot, Delta or Emirates.